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Kimono upcycle

We started a new project to prolong lives

of kimonos and obis as pieces of art.


Being a rental service, i-kasu deals with lots of antique and vintage kimonos and obis on a daily basis.

Some pieces are okay to use even after 100 years.

However, there are many items that have reached the end of their life as clothes - the fabric is too damaged with old strains.

Although these items can't be used as clothes anymore, we don't treat them as garbage - they still remain beautiful masterpieces for the artist who created them and memories for their owners.

For artists, fabrics are canvases, and hand-painted yuzen and embroidery are valuable works. Kimono and obi are basically one-of-a-kind items and made by hands.

You can turn the items that you no longer use as clothes but want to keep as important memories into art panels. They will be a meaningful items for your interior.

It also makes a great gift for someone you love.

Fabric of a kimono is very sensitive, so just pinning it to the frame like a canvas will quickly ruin it. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the fabric, we remake it so that it can be enjoyed as an art work for a long time. 

[How it works]

Please contact us from this site.

Please let us know the number of kimono, obi and the number of panels you would like to have.

We will let you know our address.

Please send the kimono (delivery is on our side).

We will contact you for the final confirmation of the cutout image and panel size.

After the payment is confirmed, we start actual work.


 We ship the item with the delivery on our side.

(We will return the leftover fabric if you wish).


Due to lots of requests recently, we ask to wait for a week after we get the kimono.
In case of urgency, please let us know.


10,000 Yen*

for one item

(tax included・shipping plus 2,000 yen)

*For 20x60 panel.

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and most of electronic payments.

In case your order includes several items

the price after the second one would be 9,000 yen per each.

We make other sizes and circle items as well.

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